Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB Got Delayed

This year most demanding and the mighty handset the Samsung galaxy SIII 64 GB delayed due to some reasons. According to the news from the Samsung the 64GB model of the Galaxy SIII would be accessible by the second half of this year. There may be fluctuation in the market accessibility and the timings but would be resolute at the time of release. By the end of May the 16GB version went for the sale and was very popular among its admirers moreover its memory is expandable with the help of micro SD card by 64GB presently its 32GB edition is only restricted to Vodafone.

But after that the company faces the embarrassing situation regarding the pebble blue SIII handset as the company was not able paint gadget perfect and creates problems for the company. But the company handles the situation very well and very soon both the blue and the white S3 rock the shelves in the mobile market. Online mobile phone flogger Expansys former tangled fine hair when it altered the position of pre-orders on the S3. The other retailers such as Handtec and Mobile Fun have simply stated TBC or coming soon.

Moreover Samsung has stated that the 64GB handset would be out in UK near the Christmas time period but would be launched in restricted quantity. The Galaxy S3 White Deals @ in the coveted Editors’ Choice award earned a monster four and a half stars according to the news. It has lag behind its main rival such as HTC One X by offering superior chip performance, enhanced build quality and superb battery life. Moreover both the smart phones run the Ice Cream Sandwich and few weeks ago were the fresh version of Android.

The admirers of the 64GB galaxy SIII handset are eagerly waiting for the handset. The Samsung has created a marvelous handset in the form of Galaxy S3 which has magnifies thousands of users from all over the world. It was considered to be most efficient handset of the year 2012 and was the first choice of every individual. People who have planned of changing their handsets can definitely go for this handset and enjoy its various fresh features which you won’t find in other handsets.
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