Samsung Galaxy Nexus Great Performance In Form Great Graphics

If you do not believe in love at first sight that let Samsung Galaxy Nexus enter your life. It is a kind of phone that has been fanaticised by many but only few get to romance with it. Let’s just bunk such flowery description and get down to reality. The phone has pretty sleek dimensions of 135.5X67.9X8.9 mm and a weight of 135 g as such once in hands the phone is a delight to hold.

There is a 4.65 inches screen with very high pixel density of 316 pixels per inch. Since the phone has an Oleophobic surface its Super AMOLED capacitive screen would hardly catch any fingerprints easily. The screen can easily support colour combinations up to 16 million. Apart from that you can have an access to many menus and windows with its multi touch abilities.

There is an inherent 5 megapixel autofocus camera with an LED flash that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with. This camera is quite capable delivering awesome snaps and High Definition 1080 p videos. It is not just style but substance that makes this stand stalwart even when you are chatting with someone for hours together or have put movies on download.

The substance that is been talked about here is 1.2 GHz cortex central processing unit which as a brain showers genius and maintains the overall functionalities without any lags which can be very irritating. As far as image frame buffering is concerned that is quintessential for showing up of images this phone ha s Power VR SGX 540 graphical processing unit which quite efficiently accelerates image output. This phenomenon is indeed a boon for hardcore gamers who now can play 3D games in great quality.

The Phone has an inbuilt Global Positioning System or GPS as it is more commonly called. So whenever you get stuck at some unknown destination you know who to call for help? Yes, the GPS would let you know your exact location and in fact will get you out.

Moreover if you focus on its name it very clearly states that it kind of generate links. Well, this is not just a theoretical aspect because it apart from linking you to various spectacular features also connects you to google+.
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