Samsung Galaxy S3 Or HTC One X, Which One Is Better Equipped?

If you were in a mobile store and were to buy a multimedia phone with all the latest possible tools of enjoyment you probably would have thought why not consider buying a Samsung Galaxy S3. But as it mostly happens, you would search for an equivalent competitor so that you could analyse both phones well and the phone that quite efficiently matches up is the HTC One X.
Whether it is Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X the buyer is surely on a ride of great confusion because as far as the specifications of the phones are concerned, they both come at almost same price with almost similar features. Both these phonescome with larger than life screens of 4.8 and 4.7 inch respectively where in one can easily savour High Definition videos of resolution 1280 x 720 in all formats.
The 8 MP cameras that resides in both the phones is skilful in producing crystal clear images, though the secondary camera of Galaxy S3 that stands at 1.9 MP makes it dominate a little over One X whose secondary camera stands at 1.3 MP. The 1.5 GHZ processor that is very fast makes these phones work very fast and smooth and as such the overall multimedia functionality is all the more enhanced.
The 32 GB internal memory that these phones sustain would surely outplay all the smart phones of their class and as such both of them can store any amount of files. One has an access to myriad engaging and interesting apps that count up to lakhs or even more because of the Android operating system that both these phones offer, the only difference lies in the versions.
Where S3 has an android 4.1 jelly bean, one x has an android 4.0 ice cream sandwich which is a lower version but in any case you would not at all complain about the applications as far as their number is concerned because you are for sure going to dive in an ocean of applications that will drown you in shear enjoyment.
The phones vary in type of screen that they pertain to. The HTC comes with a capacitive touch screen and Samsung has a super AMOLED screen but in any case the resolution certainly does not vary and the strength of screen of both phones is astonishingly strong and as such both of them can sustain damages and scratches to a certain extent so you do have to bother about them but not very much.
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