Samsung Galaxy S3 Vital Featutes

We understand how items are when newer designs are out. This really is most particularly correct with regards to cell phones. The arrival of Samsung’s Android cr??me de la cr??me the Samsung Galaxy S3 presented the Samsung Galaxy S2 a great drive away from the major spot. But this doesn’t suggest that the good old Galaxy S2 is no longer worthy of your focus. Within this write-up, we’ll talk about factors as to the reasons the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still great ample for you personally. Read on!

More cost-effective – If you’re contemplating on changing your outdated mobile cellphone to a more recent smartphone, then it is highly recommended that you opt for the Galaxy S2. You’ll be capable to save a lot of dollars, additionally you may be able to locate a great deal of 2nd hand specials too. You may get one for as very low as $ 465.81 in contrast to spending for the newest model at $ 744.04. Consider the big savings you will get if you select this handset?

Lighter in weight And Smaller sized – If you don’t wish a heavy and heavy phone, then this is still the greatest choice for you. At 116 grams it certain can beat the S3’s 133 grams weight any time of the day. Its actual physique size is at 125.3 x x eight.five mm, conversely the most recent model is at 136.6 x 70.6 x eight.six mm. The figures are really obvious that the Galaxy S2 is way more compact and lighter than its successor. With this sort of numbers you won’t locate it hard to pocket this handset at all.

Standard SIM Card Slot – If you are working with the old standard sized SIM card then this handset is excellent for you. You no longer have to deal with transforming to a micro SIM card or cutting your SIM card to a smaller dimension. All you have to do is to insert it and you are very good to go in seconds.

8MP Camera – This cell phone is capable of giving you 8MP stills and full-HD (1080p) videos. What far more can you request for? You will also get a 2MP front-facing camera on this handset. That’s great ample as compared to mobile phones with VGA front-facing cameras out there.

1GB Really worth Of RAM – If you decide on this handset, then you will be receiving the exact same volume of RAM. Yes, regardless of its age you will nevertheless get 1GB well worth of RAM on this smartphone. That is in essence the very same having its successor.

As you can see, these are just some of the causes why the Samsung Galaxy S2 is nonetheless fantastic ample for you. It is more affordable plus it boasts a lot of capabilities that its successor is equipped with.

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