What Are So Exciting About Latest Generation Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X And Micromax Funbook

With the introduction of mobile phones during the decade of 90s, this market has been the most inseparable part of the Indian market. With the aid of several innovative advancements and technologies, currently the Indian market of the mobile phone sector is witnessing the launch of several distinct functional features which are effectively equipped with several phones. Thus a higher development platform is given to it.

With the launch of smart phones which aid the business industry in several ways, the world of mobile technology has now got itself a most significant role in the present lifestyle. Considered as a luxury item earlier, today the development and demand for the smart phones have all together revolutionised the scenario and is becoming a necessity of people.

With the best phone features along with exciting prices, currently the smart phones segment of Indian technology market has introduced the consumers with two best business phones – Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X

Let us have a closer look at these smart phones to know the greatest gifts of the technological world for the consumer’s benefits.


One of the much awaited smart phones in the market, Samsung Galaxy S III has proved to be worthy of the wait by consumers. With smart features like unlimited phonebook memory and inbuilt memory of 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB which can be expanded up to another 64 GB with the aid of Micro SD card, this phone has gained much popularity among the world.

Samsung Galaxy SIII is installed with the facilities of 3G as well as 2G networks. It is also enabled with the features of 3G, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth 3.0 apart from special features of 8 MP camera for capturing memorable pictures and videos. It also has the facility of geo tagging and accelerometer sensor for the function of auto rotate and an input method of multi touch.

Currently the Samsung galaxy S III prices in India varies at different dealers. Today almost every dealer offers this smart phone for exciting price range.

HTC One X:

With the launch of HTC One X, the consumers wait was rewarded very efficiently. Sleek and stylish device which is installed with the most wonderful camera along with several multimedia goodies, this smart phone is currently the top buy by the Indian consumers.

Maintaining its promise of high quality device this device comes with several exciting features of Amazon Mobile, Portal of games, T-Mobile TV, a free of charge storage from DropBox, Fm Radio and much more. HTC One X is one of the most promising phones for the market of mobile phones today. HTC One X prices in India is available in accordance with the profit margin of the dealers.

Considering the demands and desires of the students in India, Micromax has come up with the most innovative Micromax funbook. This funbook takes cars of necessary demands of every individual and is predicted as the future’s shining star. This smart tab is not only affordable is also feature rich and offers excellent convenience to its users. Micromax Funbook prices in India can be checked at several online stores and dealers for better price information.
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